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  • What is Kaamik?
    Kaamik is a premium Indian snack box company bringing artisanal snacks from the depths of India to your home every month. Discover India's rich heritage through its food, sourced directly from the artisans who have been making them for many generations now!
  • Is it vegetarian?
    Absolutely. All the snack items are vegan!
  • I wish to try it out. Can I subscribe for just a month?
    Oh you definitely can... All you need to do is subscribe to a box and once you get your box for the month, follow the instructions for cancelling the subscription. But you will break our heart for sure though :(
  • Is there a shipping charge?
    No, shipping charges are completely free! WORLDWIDE ✈️✈️✈️
  • Do you ship outside India too?
    Yup!!! All across the world in fact :) 🌍🌎🌏
  • What if I want to cancel my subscription?
    If you want to cancel your ExplorIn Box subscription, you need to send a mail to '' with the subject line "GOT TO GO". Note 1 : We may take up to 24hours to cancel the subscription. Note 2 : The cancellation mail needs to be sent before the start of the next payment cycle.
  • Will I get a refund if I don't like the box? SERIOUSLY?
    Yup, seriously! We wish to only bring out smiles and excitement with our snack boxes. Anything less is just not acceptable! So if you did not like the snackbox, let us know through mail or WhatsApp Email : Phone : +91 80880 72788 Fingers crossed that this never happens to us :(
  • What if the box or the product inside is damaged?
    Kaamik guarantees you with 100% refund if the box or the product inside is damaged. We do our best to provide your box without any harm or damage. If you face any issues regarding the damaged box please reach out to us at Email: Phone: +91 80880 72788 Send us a photo of the damaged box / product and the order invoice.
  • Can I customize my box?
    No, but very soon we will be availing you with multiple box choices and customization.
  • When will I get the ExplorIn Box?
    The Kaamik Explore India Box is sent out the very next day from subscription date. Once subscribed, the boxes goes out on the same day each month!
  • Is it safe?
    Absolutely. We know that during this Covid time, safety is an utmost requirement. We take your trust in us very seriously, and make sure that the most stringent precautions are taken when snacks are prepared by our artisans.
  • What is the next month's snack?
    Ooof, we don't want to provide spoilers for the other folks out there!!! * reach out to us in private for insider details 😉 * Our ExplorIn Boxes are based on a new theme every month. This means that you get to snack on completely new snacks each month!
  • How do I get my very own Great Indian Snackbox?
    It's just two simple steps! 1. Go to the Get My Box 2. Click on subscribe/gift button. Fill in your details and we'll send over the box to you the very next day!
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