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Explore and Discover the hidden snacks across India

Meet The Team

Unlike in books, the birth of Kaamik came about on a normal, sunny day. Nothing out of the ordinary, except it was the day that a call was made. The call that would give rise to a new startup. And the ones who were on the call that day were two younglings. The ones who knew nothing about what business actually means.


But one thing that was clear for both of them, was that they knew they wanted to go out and make a difference.


No matter how small it may be, if even one person was helped by their venture, they would call it a success.


And so started the journey of building Kaamik. Though what began as a way to help semi/un-skilled people during COVID soon came about to be a place that would encourage home entrepreneurs to show their innovations to the world.


And what a journey that has been. The happiness of those first sales! Being able to meet such amazing creators, and the passion one could see burning behind their eyes when they talked about their journey. The joys of going on photoshoots, the fun memories of spending days on video shoots with the creators, the ecstasy we felt every time we informed the team of a sale!


But fate always has a funny way of leading you to the right place at the right time.



And it just so happened that the evolution of Kaamik came reckoning - as the place to experience the culture of India. We took a deeper look into what handicraft meant for us, and the answer was simple. It meant a symbolic piece of culture that has been with us for generations.


And hence Kaamik came to be Kaamik - Exploring India through Snacks


With the single goal of bringing the joy of culturally rich food to the homes of everyone over the world. India, a country that is socially, culturally, and linguistically very diverse has a lot to offer to the world. It is home to over two thousand ethnic groups, and each one has its own unique trait that makes them special. And with this in mind, we wish to bring their specialities to the fore.


To provide with a snacking experience like none other. To explore and discover the hidden snacks across India, and to go on a journey in the depths of (both green forests & white concrete) jungles of India.


Be ready to get blown away with the varieties that will come your way. Let’s explore India through snacks!

The Journey of Kaamik







What We Do

Our Advisors

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