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Introducing  authentic
Indian  snacks  to 
the  world

Find  the  local  specialities from  
across  India

PS : Isn't Chirag just too cute in this pic?!

The Great Indian Snackbox


Food has always been an integral part of Indian culture. With more than a thousand  Ethnic groups spread across the great lands, each having its own tastes and flavors.

It is a vast treasure trove waiting to be discovered!

The ExplorIn Snackbox brings to you the true essence of Indian snacks!

A Look Into Your Snack Box

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Snacks Map Transparent - resized.webp

First ever Artisanal
Snackbox from India!

We source the finest of snacks from across India, some even from families who have been perfecting the craft for 100+ years now!


Based on 100+ Reviews

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