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North-East Food and Culture

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

The states of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, and Sikkim constitute the North East of India. House of mesmerizing scenic beauty, picturesque landscape, and whistling waterfalls, Northeast is our unexplored heaven.

North-East Food

Each North-Eastern state has its unique cultural flavor. Being exquisite, beautiful, and having one of the most delicious food, it is still unexplored. We have got on your platter some of the most amazing dishes from across the northeast.

Exotic Flavours of North-East-

Some of the most exotic and unique dishes to try when in North-East!


Akhuni-AXONE Chutney

Made from fermented soya beans, Akhuni-Axone chutney is typical to the taste of North-East specifically a native recipe of Nagaland. Has a distinct aroma and is prepared and used to make a variety of other dishes (pork, fish, chicken, etc.) and chutneys. Akhuni is prepared around the year by the local tribes as a dry powder or a thick paste.

Kumurat Diya Hanhor Mangxo

Most loved Assamese dish made of duck and ash gourd
Kumurat Diya Hanhor Mangxo

The most loved dish of Assamese families is Kumurat Diya Hanhor Mangxo made from duck meat cooked with ash gourd known as kumurat in Assamese. Preparation is done in pure mustard oil and crushed spices like pepper and cardamom are added, which gives a distinct taste and flavor to the kumurat dish.


A famous road vegetarian soup in mizoram
Sanpiau Soup

A dish native to Mizoram prepared in every household and popularly sold across the streets of the city. This vegetarian delight is derived from "Hysan byok" a Burmese Congee and is now a staple to people of Mizoram. Sanpiau is made with rice porridge, coriander paste, squashed black pepper, zingy fish sauce, spring onions, and powdered rice.

Baahor Chungat Maach

fish cooked in bamboo shoot, a dish of Nagaland
Bamboo Steamed Fish-Baahor Chungat Maach

Fish is one of the most consumed and loved food of the majority of the North-East. Baahor Chungat Maach is a unique style of cooking fish, packed in a bamboo shoot and cooked over charcoal. This is an impressive and healthy way of cooking as it retains the flavors and nutrients of the dish completely.


Fermented Fish Dish
Eromba (Manipur)

Eromba is an ethnic dish of Manipur and is quite popular among the Meitei community. Eromba is often made with vegetables that are either steamed or boiled and fermented fish mashed with each other along with chilies.

Thakali Thali

Nepali Thali- Sikkim
Thakali Thali

Sikkim food is greatly inspired by Nepalese food, owing to its proximity to the country. One of the most loved Nepali food is Thakali Thali which serves everything from vegetables, dal, roti, chawal, achar, chutney, mutton/chicken, and salad on one platter. Though Thakali Thali is the authentic staple diet of Nepalese but is equally loved and relished by locals of Sikkim. It is a full-fledged meal served in bronze bowls and garnished with coriander.


Naga Version of North Indian Khichdi

A soupy mixture of dal and rice with local vegetables and garnished with garlic and ginger Galho is a Naga food recipe similar to North Indian Dal Khichdi only it is cooked with smoked pork most of the time. A wholesome and healthy household dish of the Naga people and is considered one of their best recipes.


Soupy Dish with noodles, chicken and vegetables

A traditional noodle soup consumed in the various States of the Northeast has its roots in Tibetan culture. It is quite a popular and customary dish relished across the nation. There is an interesting story as to how Thupka came to India from Tibet.

When the Dalai Lama had to leave Nepal and seek refuge in India, he left with his family and friends, who were not allowed to carry anything with them as per the Tibetan rule. Everyone survived on the Tsampa and Thupka, which his mother carried along. She introduced it to the Indians in the refugee camp and it soon became a very popular and staple dish of the North-Eastern people.


 rice preparation made on special occasions like Bihu
Assamese Pitha

A traditional and festive delicacy of Assam made on special occasions like Bihu. There are various forms or varieties of pitha because of the ingredients or cooking style used. Like Til Pitha is made from a special variety of glutinous or sun-dried rice, rolled with til and jaggery/sugar syrup stuffing. Similarly, Tekeli Pitha is prepared with rice flour, mixed with grated coconut and jaggery/sugar, and steamed in a kettle, placed inside a cloth.

The list is endless and we will come again with more such exquisite dishes from across the Nation that is both staple and exotic. So next time you visit any of these places do look for authentic local food and try to explore any of the above dishes.

Happy Exploring !!

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