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Myths & Stories Around Origin of Holi

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Indian festivals are always surrounded by stories and myths that make them more interesting and fun. HOLI is one such festival that has not one but many stories revolving around it.

We have been hearing a lot of such stories, legends, or tales from our parents or grandparents as kids. Let us have a look at a few such stories, history, or mythology? Read on and decide!

The Divine Love Story of Kamdev

Sacrifice story of Kamadeva

If we believe the legend, Lord Shiva burned Kamadeva on Holi. The story behind it goes like this - Lord Shiva left the reign of the world and went into deep meditation post the loss of his wife Sati. Sati was reincarnated as Parvati to bring Shiva back to worldly life.

Parvati requested Kamadeva - The God of love to strike a love arrow on Shiva and make him fall in love again. Kamadeva shot his arrow at Shiva, which disturbed his meditation and he burnt Kamadeva with his third eye. Shiva however did fall in love with Parvati but the sacrifice of Kamdeva made him legendary.

So, people in southern India, worship Kamadeva for his sacrifice on the day of Holi. Idols of the deity are offered mango blossoms, which he reputedly loves, and people put sandalwood paste on Kamadeva idol foreheads on Holi to ease the burns he suffered.

Rasleela"The Colorful Legend of Krishna and Radha"

Radha Krishna Playing Holi

Lord Krishna is always depicted as someone with a dark purplish complexion. When Krishna was a Kid, an ogress named Pootna tried to milk him with poison. The poisoned milk did not harm Krishna but had an accidental effect on his complexion. Krishna envied Radha, who was beautiful and faired skin, and tried to throw purple color on Radha and paint her the same color as his. This playfulness and little fights between Radha Krishna soon transformed into World's most beautiful Love Story. Imitating this story locals started throwing colors at each other and took the shape of Holi the festival of colors.

The Legend Of Dhundhi


There was once an ogress Dhundi in the Kingdom of Raghu. She was invincible and had a boon from Lord Shiva that nothing or no one can kill her. She used to circle the village and eat children. Troubled by the ogress, the king went to his priest, who gave a solution. He directed some boys to carry wood and collect some grass, set it on fire with chanting mantras, and go around the fire thrice making noises. This annoyed her and she left the town. Since then it is a tradition to light up the sticks with fire and circle the pyre. Also, young boys light up their sticks from the holy pyre and run in the town scaring away all the negativity.

The Legend of Holika Dahan


Holika was the sister of Hrinakashyap an Asura King, who commanded his people to worship him as God. The King had a son Prahlad, who was an ardent follower of Shree Vishnu. This infuriated the king, and he made several failed attempts to kill him. He then took the help of his sister Holika who had a blessing (Vardaan) of being immune to fire. He asked him to sit on a pyre with Prahlad on her lap and burn him alive. However, she burnt and died instead of Prahlad, who came out untouched by fire. Since then it is a the tradition of lighting up a pyre to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

The Killing of Pootana


Lord Krishna's uncle Kansa sends over an ogress Pootna to feed infant Krishna with poisoned breast milk. Krishna prayed to Lord Shiva to sit in his throat. Krishna sucked her blood killing her to death. The incident took place a night before Holi. Since then people burn an effigy of Pootana and celebrate the victory of the divine over the devil. They believed that she symbolized winter her death marks the end of it. Holi also welcomes the month of Phagun or spring.

Just like one festival has multiple origins and stories, our one theme box has multiple flavors and origins too. Each of the snacks in our SNACK BOX is procured from a different part of the country and is an authentic recipe of the locals passed on to generations. Do try it out and just like you found these stories amusing, you'll love how each snack is so unique and Indian.


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