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Delicacies from the valleys of the Western Ghats

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Our second box, themed "Kaapi Time" took some time to come out. After careful consideration of the feedback we received on our first box, we decided to implement most of them, as a result, it took us 20 days extra to release the 2nd box but it was totally worth it.

The 2nd box was a major hit! The curation was much better and the items were all blend nicely with the theme. We received many positive feedbacks. Our second box was an improved version of the first box. It was much much better but there's always room for improvement, isn't it?

And that brings us to our Third Box and the final one in the Beta Series!!!

Why Western Ghats?

Covering a mammoth 160000 km2, the Western Ghats is a diverse ecosystem spanning 6 states of India! Bestowed with waterfalls, lush green forests, and wildlife, it has a rich heritage and is one of the eight hotspots of biological diversity in the world.

We chose this theme to help you discover the wide range of local delicacies that span these beautiful hills and valleys, and immerse yourself in the cultural treat!

Few requirements that needed attention :

  • More is Better! The number of items in the box.

  • Option to buy individual items.

  • Healthy Box.


We want you to enjoy the snacks, that's why we take extra care in sourcing and sampling the items before we finalize them. We strictly follow, 'Complete Refund' if you didn't like the box policy!

We truly believe that

If the box is not making you happy, it's not worth it for us

For us, the mission is accomplished when someone says their whole family loved the snacks!

Release Update - October 05, 2021

New + Improved

  1. Individual Item Buy

  2. Curation

  3. Brand Origin Story

  4. Number of Items

Let's take a deeper dive into what that means for the box.

Individual Item Buy

Many of our customers pointed out they'd need an option to buy individual items directly from the website. The option is now available with this release. We're working on setting it up for the previous month's items, currently, it's available for October products.


The flavor balance is an integral part of the curation, we always try to balance the flavors and keep the right proportion of sweet, savoury, and spicy snacks.

Brand Origin Story

A dedicated page for every brand with detailed information about the origin story and their vision will be available.

Number of Items

More is always better right? The October box will have 9 unique items. The Western Ghats is known for its rich biodiversity, we'd be doing ourselves an injustice if we had kept the same number of items as last time. With careful consideration of the box dimension, we decided to increase the items count by 1.


Page Transition Loader

We had received many complaints regarding the page transition, there was no loader and it'd take some time to transition over to a different page. We've temporarily added loaders for these transitions, the optimal solution for this is still in WIP.

What's Not Changed?

Why, it's our Spirit ofcourse!!

We still believe in the absoluteness of the Indian snacks and the story behind them.

With our platform, we want to give more and more exposure to all the local delicacies of India and enable the whole world to explore Indian cultures through snacks!

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