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Jackfruit Chips: Healthy as well as Tasty!

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Over the past few years, there has been a conscious change in people's preferences and habits, and a stronger inclination is seen toward healthier snacking items. Healthy snacking is no longer the preserve of a minority, but rather significant numbers of us are becoming more health-conscious and seeking out nutritious snacks.

If you're a foodie and you suddenly decide to change your diet and start smart snacking, it's not gonna be easy, believe me. Healthy snacks are good for your body but your tastebuds might not feel the same 😉. Very rarely you'll find a snack that is both healthy and tasty.

We live in a Matrix. We're not sure if we're alive or if it's a simulation but Morpheus is sure on one thing, that is, Healthy snacks can be tasty!

Jackfruit chips are the ideal snack if you're shifting towards a health-conscious lifestyle. It is one of the few snacks which support Morpheus's claim 🤭. These chips are made out of the inner edible pieces of raw Jackfruit. Some traditional ingredients are used to prepare these chips which are, salt, turmeric, chillies, or pepper.

Unfortunately, Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit so these chips won't be available throughout the year. During Summer, you'll find this snack everywhere in Kerala and the Malnad part of Karnataka.

Why the Jackfruit Chips are Healthy?

Before we jump into the benefits of Jackfruit Chips, let's look into the fruit itself first. One thing that makes Jackfruit so unique compared to other fruits is its protein content.

It provides more than 3 grams of protein per cup, compared to 0-1 grams in other fruits, such as Apples and Mangoes.

Here are few health benefits of Jackfruit chips:
  • Immunity Booster: It contains a high amount of Vitamin C and antioxidants which are key in fighting off any kind of infection.

  • Good source of Energy: If you are starving for some good source of energy and have the delight of eating snacks, you should definitely go for these chips.

  • Improves Digestion: It has both soluble and insoluble fibres which help in giving a quick energy boost and helps in bowel movement.

  • Slowdown Ageing: The reason for ageing is free radicals. Antioxidant-rich jackfruit destroys these radicals which slow the ageing process down.

  • Strong Bones: It is loaded with high amounts of calcium which strengthens the bones.

  • Healthy Heart: These chips contain a very good amount of Potassium which is required by our body for the proper functioning of muscles including heart muscle.

  • Enhances Vision: Jackfruit is rich in Vitamin A, it provides healthy nutrition for our eyes.

  • High Functioning Thyroid: It is super rich in copper which helps in thyroid metabolism in hormone production and absorption.

Jackfruit chips can help in weight loss as it is fat free and low in calories.

Eating a healthy diet is very important not just during this COVID-19 pandemic but in general too. What we eat and drink can affect our body's ability to prevent, fight and recover from infections. Healthy diets are important for supporting immune systems.

Unfortunately, you won't find fresh Jackfruit chips throughout the year as the Jackfruit is seasonal. But in the Summer, you can find this snack anywhere in South India, especially in Kerala and the Malnad region of Karnataka.

I am proud to say that these chips were a part of our first-ever box at Kaamik -

"Summer Nostalgia", which was released in July 2021. You can check out more about the chips here.

Don't forget to ping us during Summer, we will make sure you get these delicious and healthy tea-time snacks from an authentic source!

Stay safe and healthy! Ciao 👋

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