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Top 5 Savouries of Karnataka | Locally Famous Indian Snacks

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Some of the snacks are famous across South Indian states and are originated in Karnataka. Below is the list of the top 5 famous savouries that were invented in Karnataka and is completely a personal opinion :p

  • Kodubale: It is a spicy snack from the traditional Kannada cuisine which is popular in every household of Karnataka and its neighboring southern Indian states. It is made from rice flour and roasted gram flour along with some coconut and spices. A very addictive and kid-approved snack. 😄 The word 'Kodu' means horn and 'Bale' means bangles in Kannada and this is how the snack got its name. The dough is shaped pencil thin like a cigar or horn and made into a circle like a bangle and then pinched to connect.

Mini Kodubale - a famous south Indian snack that originated in Karnataka

  • Chakli: It is a very popular snack in India and can be found on any street! During festival seasons (Ganesh Chaturti, Diwali, etc) this snack can be found in every house. This is made of rice flour and trust me it tastes so good, you can’t just have one ( I know it’s the tag line of a popular chips brand, but this holds true for Chakli too..!)

Chakli also known as Muruku is a traditional Indian snack that is very famous during festive seasons.

  • Nippattu: You can call this spicy Thattai, Chekkalu, or even as fancy Rice Crackers as it is based on one main ingredient - rice flour. It can easily be made with store-bought rice flour too. Very popular in Karnataka, this spicy Nippat has a lot of other wonderful ingredients like peanuts, fried gram, sesame seeds, dry coconut/copra, curry leaves, and hing which makes it the best in terms of flavor and texture. There's been a lot of debate over the origin of this snack but I can definitely say shopping is incomplete in Bangalore without buying Nippattu!

Baked Nippattu - a very famous snack from Karnataka

  • Maddur Vada: This crispy fried snack has a very rich history. Back in the year 1917, Ramachandra Budhya was running Vegetarian Refreshment Room at the Maddur railway station. One day he was running a tad bit late in frying the usual pakodas for the incoming train passengers. In a jiffy, he threw ingredients together to prepare at the very least, something edible for the passengers to munch on when they arrived. Little did he know that he had created a masterpiece. 100 years later, that food item has become one of the most iconic delicacies of Karnataka – the Maddur Vada. It took the name of the village it was born in, Maddur, which sits about 80km from Bengaluru in the Mandya district of Karnataka. The snack is an extremely popular savory tea-time snack that is usually sold on trains between Bengaluru and Mysore.

maddur vada - one of the famous snacks of Karanataka

  • Jackfruit Chips: This snack may be a seasonal one but there's no other snack that can match it in terms of taste! In the Summer season, you can find this snack in everyone's house in the Malnad region. One of the best things about jackfruit chips is that it's healthier than any other fried chips. You can eat them all day long without any guilt :p

These are the top 5 savoury snack that comes to my mind when I think about Karnataka cuisine. Do let me know in the comments if I miss out on anything.

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