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What Kaamik Family means to us

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Are you ‘just’ a customer?

Call us romantics, but we have always believed that the folks who trust us are not just customers for us.

You are part of our family


And that means that if your family members are sick, let us know and we will do whatever possible in our capacity to help.

It means if you are going through a tough time, feel free to give a call or chat on WhatsApp and let all your troubles out.

We have sent over snacks for free from time to time when we heard someone was going through a tough time.

And recently Ravi (the tech boss man at Kaamik) posted something on his LinkedIn wall that made me feel proud of our culture here at Kaamik.

The part that makes me well up :

“He's not a stranger anymore, he's a part of Kaamik family now.”

And that is in the truest sense how we view everyone part of the journey at Kaamik!

We are building the world of Indian snacks here at Kaamik and we are eternally grateful for your support in this journey.

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