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A heart to heart from the co-founders

Bunny wearing glasses sitting with laptop infront on a desk and a drink next to it and working which represents Kaamik co-founders



Hello there!

How are you doing?

(PS: Sometimes a hearing ear can be more helpful than even snacks!

Animation of a man listening to other guy who feeling lonely


Need a buddy to talk to, let me know any time of the day. The number is always available)

Well, I certainly get to interact with you amazing folks who for all purposes are part of the Kaamik Family, and for which I am eternally grateful.

Last week we concluded our July 'Summer Nostalgia' based theme. And considering that it was our very first box ever, nerves were at the edge on its reception. But, I confess, we were blown away by all the support we got. And we just had to share our happiness with you (with fingers crossed that this gets read 🙂)

Kaamik co-founder Kaushik holding first ever ExplorIn Box in his hand and explaining how Kaamik provides authentic, premium Indian snacks in a box to customers every month

"We will have the whole world know the joy of Indian snacks!"

A statement possibly too big for us. But one that we know we will conquer. Our last month's stocks are all over, and we are in the midst of getting August surprises set up. And we thought this is the time to share some love, for we feel overwhelmed with all the support we have received. So thank you folks, it's been a pleasure hearing your experience with the

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