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The much-awaited customization for your ExplorIn box is finally here

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Time for some `change`


PS: The feature that you have been asking us from the time Kaamik started is finally here!!! Scroll down to find out.


let’s take it slow this time around… If there’s one thing we Indians are very particular about, it’s food. So let’s take the time to understand the game a little better.”

This was a conversation predating back to 3 months when Ravi and I sat down to discuss the creation of a snack box that would surprise everyone.

Why slow you ask?

Because everyone has their own taste and we were out to create a snack box that would make everyone happy.

Techies here, so of course, testing for bugs comes first :P

But as usual, being a startup, things are always fluid. And the last few weeks, more so!

While we knew Diwali was a big occasion, we managed to underestimate by how much! And so came the daunting task of assembling, dispersing, and monitoring 400+ shipments in a span of just 4-5 days.


That’s how we spent our Diwali: building boxes day and night!

And as always, I am ever so grateful for our support system, for folks in this crunch time dropped by to help out despite their busy schedule! We are fortunate indeed :)

Goup photo of Kaamik's explorin box packing helpers sitting in a circle after finishing the last batch of packing for the first ever corporate gifting venture along with stacked explorin giftboxes behind them
Tired but happy faces after finishing the last batch

Kaamik co-founder, Ravi Hegde, posing infront of newly upgraded explorin giftboxes stacked on top of each other neatly
Notice anything different here? Hint : New Box *cough*

Kaamik's first ever Diwali corporate gifting with 300+ boxes getting prepared by friends and family
Our helpers (will get kicked for this later) hard at work

Experience is the best teacher they say and it holds true for anything in life. And what an experience this has been…

But above all, this Diwali, a light was lit, one that will only get stronger, until the whole world gets to experience Indian food!


As always, our experiments to provide you with a better experience continue!

Bringing to you our first version of a

Kaamik explorin giftbox with 8 unique and delicious snacks from India sourced directly from century old food artisans

Amongst the 9 items, you will be able to now mix and match which particular item you want and decide its quantity!

For this, we have chosen our best sellers. The one that made you go WOW.

So build your box now with your favorites and gift yourself the perfect snack box!

And surprise, surprise! We also have a smaller box of 5 items for those looking for a lighter option.

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