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The secret behind a great gift

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Not just a gift, but rather an experience!

When you have so many options across India,

why not have only the best ones amongst them?

Kaamik only curates some of the best snacks from across the country! Some of which have been made by artisans perfecting their crafts over generations!


With Diwali being celebrated across the country, we too curate some of the best snacks from across the country!

Here’s what’s inside the box :

  • Sarkara Upperi - A traditional snack from Kerala that celebrates special occasions

  • Premium Kardant - Jaggery made dry fruit and nuts sweet from the North Karnataka

  • Sukha Mewa Chikki - The chikki that can put any chocolate to shame

  • Kuzhalappam - A tube-shaped snack takes is quite deceptive in its simple looks but in fact is one of the very best snacks from Kerala.

  • Bakarwadi - A trip to Mumbai is never complete without a box of Chitale’s famous Bakarwadis!

  • Dry Patra - Keeps you awake at night dreaming about them Patras!

  • Mini Kodubale - An art perfected over many decades, providing the perfect soft but crunchy texture!

  • Imli Popz - A reminder of the golden days of climbing trees to pluck imli

These are 8 unique items that are made by some of the finest artisans out there.

Price breakup :

The cost per box that Kaamik charges for corporates is : Rs 1000/-

This includes the following :

  1. 8 Unique Snacks from all across India

  2. Premium Packaging - Sustainable Corrugated Box

  3. A personalized Thank You Note from the company

  4. An Exploration Guide describing the snacks and their origin (can have brand shown)

  5. Free Delivery pan India (The gift box can weigh up to 1.5 kg)


The Kaamik ExplorIn Box killer looks


Brochure containing Brand logo Exploratory Guide describing

the sensory explosion

Example Brochure from our Western Ghats segment


Thank You Note containing Brand Logo Note from the company to their employees

Example Thank You Note


Let’s connect via mail or call to finalize the requirements.

PS: Hoping to hear from you at the earliest to enable us to prepare for the intake.


Let's explore Indian snacks together!

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