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The day Kaamik Box went on a road trip

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Our drive just involved us discussing the box and the snacks in it. The discussions went far and wide!

- Ravi

For a moment I sat stunned, trying to process what I had just heard. On the other end, Ravi, one of our new customers was recounting his latest road trip with his family that almost covered 3000 kms+.

What started as a normal feedback call turned out to be one of the most fascinating calls I have had in recent times.

Consider it fate or good luck, the Kaamik Box had reached Ravi and his family a day before they left on a mini-vacation by road. So of course they decided to take the box on a trip along with them.

And it turned out to be the perfect snack companion for them on the trip. For they never had to, even once, stop by the roadside to fill up on snacks. And why would they even have to? The Kaamik Box after all has almost 2kgs of snacks inside it!

Weirdly enough, it was something I had never sat down to consider. What having a Kaamik box along with you on a trip really meant. And for someone who traveled more than he stayed in one place, not realizing the advantages of our own snack box was a big shocker.

[ Me after realization strikes ]

What's more, the Exploring India box that we envision is not just a box filled with snacks. It's a lot more than that :

It is rather a box of many stories, of many cultures, of many memories

And so, it was not much of a surprise when Ravi mentioned how their trip was filled with just talks revolving around the snacks and their origin. Getting to snack on some of the best cuisines from various corners of India certainly helps!

So going on a road trip but not sure what to pack for your mid-drive hunger pangs?

Make sure to grab the ExplorIn Snackbox before you set out on the trip.

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