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Kaamik has been incubated at SLP!!!

Collage of multiple images representing the values that Kaamik provides to their customers with bringing the unque and delicious Indian snacks in a box every month and the value it provides as a giting option for special occasions like, christmas, new year's, diwali and etc

The journey has just begun :)


Hello there!

It’s been some time since we last connected and lots have been happening on our end that’s unfortunately tied me down completely.

And hence the no-show for the past few weeks.

But the itch to write this mail kept building up and here I am, disturbing you on a beautiful Monday morning!

spiderman trying to stop the train

So, the good news first!!!

We have completed our incubation at Startup Leadership Program (SLP) which has been a tremendous help in getting adjusted to the startup world.

Start-up Leadership Program (SLP) logo

The final Demo Day included pitching to live investors and had us showcasing our product in front of many-many entrepreneurs.

And the response was something I could have never imagined…

Here are a few glimpses of the jam-packed day!

And people even fought over the last pack of Dry Patra! :D

Kaushik - co-founder of Kaamik, handing over 'Dry Patra' - an authentic Gujarati snack to a guy who's very happy to receive it

And many of you requested us to provide the ExplorIn Box for corporate gifting too.

Though we were not prepared for the massive demand, we have managed to set up a Diwali Gift Box that should make you fall in love all over again with these mind-blowing snacks!

More on this later 😉


By the way, take a look into the October box yet? Check it if not already, because it is filled with absolutely stunning snacks that make you go wow!!

Kaamik's October 2021 ExplorIn box with theme 'Magic of the Westen Ghats' with all the 9 unique premium Indian snacks places neatly in the box showcasing the rich cultural heritage of these Ghats in a box

You’ll find some of the most treasured snacks from the rich and diverse Western Ghats and get to explore its magic for yourself!


PS: We also have a brand new colorful box coming in very soon! So…

minion jumping with joy on bed after hearing about the brand new and colorful box of Kaamik. Kaamik's ExplorIn snack box getting a major upgrade with bigger dimension, colorful outline and tons of new design. This gift box will hold more Indian snacks and bring joy to your family

There’s so much more to add, but I’ll try to keep it in until next time…

Ciao for now!

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