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Easy Recipes for Fasting-Most Filling Food During Fast (Vrat)

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Festive Season is back and with that comes a lot of special occasions where we fast as a mark of respect and celebration of a particular festival or Pooja. Though it may seem easy for many but can be a task for all our foodie people who cannot just suppress the cravings.

Well, you don't even need to !! What if we show you some quick and tasty recipes that can be consumed during fasting? These recipes are filling and cheer your taste buds so you can focus more on enjoying the rituals than thinking about food.


This Tikki is not just super tasty but also keeps you full and satisfies the foodie inside you with added health benefits.

Tikki made from raw banana and potato
Kacha Kela Aloo Tikki


  • Boiled Potato (Aloo)

  • Boiled Raw Bananas (Kacha Kela)

  • Chopped Coriander (Dhaniya)

  • Diced Green Chili (Hari Mirch)

  • Rock Salt (Seendha Namak)


  1. Take a huge bowl and add boiled banana and potatoes.

  2. Mash them well to create a consistent batter.

  3. Add chopped coriander, green chili, and salt.

  4. Mix everything well and keep aside.

  5. Take a plate and grease it well.

  6. Make round Tikki and place them on the plate.

  7. Refrigerate for a while as this avoids breaking the Tikki while cooking.

  8. Take a non-stick pan/Tawa and pour desi ghee.

  9. Once the pan/Tawa is hot place the Tikki on the Tawa and cook them from both sides.

  10. Cook on low flame to get crispy Tikki.

  11. Once the Tikki is cooked from both sides, turn off the heat.

  12. Serve on a plate with sonth or meethi chuney and curd.

Seasonal Fruit Shake (Banana, Chikkoo, Papaya, Strawberry)

A super refreshing and filling drink that is tasty beyond words yet all-natural and healthy.

Homemade fruit shake, milk shake , smoothie
Fruit Milk Shake


  • Fruit of your choice (seasonal preferred)

  • Un-Refined Sugar or jaggery powder

  • Cold Milk

  • Dry Fruits or Dried Fruits


  1. Cut fruits into small pieces (peel off the skin and remove any seeds).

  2. Take a Mixer Jar and put the fruit pieces.

  3. Add brown sugar or jaggery powder.

  4. Add half a cup of milk and grind it all into a thick paste.

  5. Add more milk as per the servings and grind again.

  6. Stop when a rich smooth consistency is achieved.

  7. Pour in shake glasses and garnish with ground dry fruits.

  8. Place the glasses in the freezer for a while and serve chilled.


Nutritious, crunchy, and sweet, Gur makkana is your ultimate go-to munching partner during fast to keep your cravings at bay.

Indian version of caramel popcorns
Gur Makkhana


  • Makhane (fox nuts)

  • Jaggery Powder or Brown Sugar

  • Grated Coconut ( gari) or Sesame Seeds

  • Desi Ghee


  1. Cut Makhane into two pieces and keep them aside on a plate.

  2. Take iron Kadai and pour ghee.

  3. Add the diced makhana and roast until crispy.

  4. Take them out in a bowl.

  5. Add 4 tbsp Ghee and Jaggery Powder/Brown sugar in Kadai.

  6. Mix them well and make chashni the same way it’s done with sugar.

  7. Add roasted makhana in the chashni, roast, and mix well.

  8. Garnish with grated gari/coconut.

  9. Take them out in a large bowl or paraath and wait for them to cool down a bit.

  10. Store in an airtight container and they will stay fresh for long.

  11. Relish these as sweets after a meal or enjoy with tea or coffee.


Who doesn't love chaat? What is even better is having chaat during fasting? This is the simplest of all recipes and the best part is you just need one ingredient !!

fasting recipe of aloo (Potato chaat)
Tawa Aloo Chat


  • Boiled Aloo (potato)

  • Sendha Namak (Rock Salt)

  • Chopped Corriander

  • Desi Ghee


  1. Peel off the skin of boiled potatoes.

  2. Cut them into slices ( not too thin).

  3. Take a non-stick pan/Tawa and grease it well with Desi Ghee.

  4. Once the Tawa is hot put the cut slices on it and roast.

  5. Cook well from both sides until golden brown.

  6. Transfer to a plate and sprinkle salt and pepper.

  7. Garnish with chopped coriander and relish with curd or tamarind chutney.

Try these out next time you fast and satisfy the foodie inside you without breaking fasting rules. If in case you are not fasting and missing some amazing snacks to munch on, then wait no more and visit and relish premium snacks from across the country!!

Happy Snacking !!

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