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Indians and Their Love for Food- "The Never-Ending Appetite"

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

For the entire world, food may be a commodity, a cuisine, a delicacy, a need for survival. For Indians food is an emotion, an expression, deeply rooted in tradition flowing in the veins of every culture.

Despite the diversity and diaspora, we bond over food. We don't just love hogging food themselves but relish feasting on others too. A box of "Sohanpapdi" has done more world tours than an individual.

Snacks from across India on a map

Our love for food dates back to ancient times when "Maharajas" feasted on "Chhapan Bhog" or "Navratana Thali" which had more than 30 items on one plate. India showed the world what luxury feasting is.

Food is symbolic of celebration breaking all the boundaries of religion or culture. They say if you want to experience India in its true essence, gear up your taste buds and do it via food.

We have this tradition and belief that a family that eats together stays together. Sitting down for a meal with all the family members is no less than a round table conference. It's the dining area where crucial discussions happen and some important decisions are made. We firmly believe in "Atithi Devo Bhava" and can never let any guest leave the house without some "Chai shai or Ghar ka khana"

A "Padosi" visiting for some errand or if it's raining, serves enough as an excuse to relish the "Chai & Pakodas". We are so passionate about food that we have welcomed every cuisine and made it our own. Does anyone even remember that dishes like Samosas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Chowmien, and Momos are not traditionally ours? The way we have blended with food from across the world has made it our household dishes.

India is a nation that has given the world flavors, herbs, spices, and the concept of wholesome nutritious food. Some of our recipes and dishes are world-famous and most loved ones. Indian method of consuming food and cooking is backed by science.

However peculiar it may seem, one should eat with hands instead of cutlery sitting on the floor in a folded legs mudra. The traditional way of cooking using clay pot or copper utensils retains nutrition, unlike aluminum or non-stick, which leaches chemicals and is the cause of many diseases.

Western culture has shaken the roots of Indian traditions. There are hardly any places where one can find authentic Indian cooking being practiced. We have forgotten traditional local snacks and prefer imported chips or frozen food. Kamik is an initiative to revive the Malgudi Days and re-introduce India through snacks curated by local artisans.

We at Kaamik have got you covered with authentic Indian snacks from across the Nation. Order for yourself or enjoy with family or gift your close ones.

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