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Did someone say 'Coffee' & not 'Kaapi'?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

cute couples drinking coffee during rainy season and enjoying the authentic, premium snacks from across India put together by Kaamik in their snackbox



Ahem ahem, look at those exclamation marks.

Someone looks excited right!

Yup, our second box is out and we can barely contain our excitement!!!!


It's pouring oceans out there and unfortunately, here we are, stuck in our home, unable to go out and dance in the rain.

Damn it COVID! You are taking away the simple joys just because we can't catch a cold now...

If you are like me and miss those good old playing around in the rain moments, no worries. While we can't make COVID vanish, we can still provide the next best thing! And that is enjoying rain with a cup of piping hot filter coffee in your hands and snacks to munch along with that!!!

Cute girl enjoying the rainfall outside the house on the road

Wait, so what happened to August? Um, let's just say we take our feedback system seriously. Extremely seriously in fact. So much so that we had to delay our sourcing, relook at our offering and rework the snack curation to better fit your liking.

And that's why this month's snacks are more :


(Heard of Soft Baked Cookies? Dohful - India's first-ever Craft Cookie)


(Sweet | Savoury | Spicy | Crunchy | Chocolaty | um, anything else left?)


(Baked - not fried | No Preservatives | Freshly Prepared | you name it, we got it)


(More and more snacks! If last time the box was about to burst, this time we hope it actually reaches you in one piece!! Fingers crossed :P)

Kaamik's ExplorIn box with box open and all 8 unique and delicious Indian snacks spread out nearby with a cup of coffee in the front

So that was basically about our September box, do check out more about it in the past themes section here


Oh, and the ritual I feel I should continue.

how are you doing?

You know, snacks might help even heartaches, but the best way to get things off your mind is to just speak to someone.

So seriously, wish to just talk, let me know.

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