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Release Notes on the 3rd Beta Box!

Cute bunny announcing the launch of Kaamik's 3rd month's box themed 'Magic of the Westen Ghats' which consists of the delicacies from the Westen Ghat states of India


One that is close to our hearts!


September was a very exciting time for us. It marked the launch of our second box, which was widely acclaimed (or so I like to tell everyone 😛)

And with it, we improved heavily upon our curation game, bringing a wider variety, healthier & unique snacks!

Continuing the same trends, it’s my pleasure to bring to you the third box in our Exploring India Series!

The brochure of Kaamik's 3rd month's box with theme 'Magic of the Westen Ghats' that contains 9 unique and delicious items from the Westen Ghat states of India

Magic Of The Western Ghats

Covering a mammoth 160000 km2, the Western Ghats is a diverse ecosystem spanning 6 states of India! Bestowed with waterfalls, lush green forests, and wildlife, it has a rich heritage and is one of the eight hotspots of biological diversity in the world.

And being true techies,

we bring to you our Release Notes on the next box!


Ravi & I both being from the Western Ghats, have a special place for the place we proudly call our home.

The lush green forests that sing with birds are unknown. Those topsy-turvy turn those cross mountains. The rich heritage that has been passed down the generations, bringing with it respect towards our nature.

The Ghats are all about being in sync with nature and the hard life that comes with it.


The third box is all about traditions, cultural significance, and bringing the festive home.

Sounds fascinating? Know more about the October 2021 theme :)

Feel free to holler out any time of the day, we 'almost' have no personal life anyways

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